Into A Fantasy
Alexander Rybak
Anonymous said:
how can i be a funny person like u?

im not funny omg idk just be yourself and fuck what anyone says or thinks like if they think youre weird, let them think that.. at least you’re happy and having fun ;)

Anonymous said:
I love how much you love Sandy.

i just wish she knew how much i love her tbh

Anonymous said:
It's so cute the love that u feel for her!!!


Anonymous said:
are u a cinephille?

what does that even mean

Anonymous said:
What do u love the most about Sandy?

fuck man i literally love everything about her but i guess what i love the most about her is her love for Louis like she’s always showing him how much she loves him and like every time she talks about him you see the love in her eyes and like she would give everything up just to stay with him 24/7.. if she ever did give up, i wouldnt be mad at her like AT ALL because i know that she did it to stay with her son and to make him have a normal life without papz following them everywhere.. i love the fact that she does her best to be a good mother like it makes me so happy and so proud of her im getting emotional


y’all talking, messaging, replying each other, following each others and creating squads and i’m here like


Anonymous said:
hey beautiful:) have u decided what u gonna do with your life? I don't, which is terrible. :'(

hm i might become a makeup artist but im not sure yet tbh
its okay man we’re young and we still have plenty of time to decide what we wanna do